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Air compressor installation six points for attention
Click:1861 Date:2013-5-8 10:29:46
Air compressor installation should pay attention to the items:
(1) indoor use models, please do not install where could be affected by the rain;
(2) please install the air compressor on a flat place, avoid installed in the places where strong vibration;
(3) avoid installed in the place that have a strong electromagnetic field, so as not to affect the computer control system;
(4) avoid installed in high temperature, high humidity places, especially in using ambient air to cooling in air compressor, it is important to give full consideration to the condition such as ventilation, avoid ambient temperature more than 45 ℃, the device is likely to be due to the high temperature downtime;
(5) avoid install the air compressor in the dust or contain more toxic gas or corrosive gas places;
(6) in the closed room, be sure to take advantage of outlet and intake, exhaust duct, etc., ensure smooth indoor air conditions.
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