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WBV-37A permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor
2017-11-8 13:54:31

WBV-37A permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor product picture:



Advanced level integrated mainframe

Well known screw master, high efficiency, low speed, rotor line design, low noise, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs, high reliability and usability.

The permanent magnet motor and compressor main engine are connected by embedded integral shaft, the structure is more compact, and the transmission efficiency is 100%.

Without the motor bearing, the rotor with permanent magnet is directly installed on the output shaft of the positive rotor, and the structure does not need to use the bearing, thus effectively avoiding the hidden trouble of the bearing.

High efficiency and energy saving permanent magnet motor

High efficiency permanent magnet motor, compared with ordinary FM motor, higher efficiency.

When the compressor needs to operate at low speed, the permanent magnet motor can still maintain a high efficiency.

High performance neodymium iron boron permanent magnet permanent magnet synchronous motor with 120 DEG C, without demagnetization.

The stator coil adopts frequency converter special corona resistant enameled wire, which has excellent insulation performance and long service life.

The synchronous motor has a fast response speed, and the reasonable matching of the amount of compressed gas is realized.

It can realize soft start, when running, the motor current will not exceed the full load current, but also greatly reduce the impact on the power grid equipment, will not cause damage to the electrical equipment.

The motor is small in size, generally about 1/3 of the size of ordinary FM motor. It is easy to maintain and easy to assemble and disassemble.

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